The SpeechMark WaveSurfer Plug-In, Windows Edition

SpeechMark Product: The SpeechMark WaveSurfer Plug-In, Windows Edition
Operating Systems Supported: Windows 7
Product Version: 0.1.36
Public Release Date : October 17, 2014

Installation Notes — PLEASE READ

    1. During operation, this SpeechMark product calls the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) product, a software module developed and released by The Mathworks. The installation process for this SpeechMark product searches the user’s file system. If it does NOT find an invocable copy of the MCR, it automatically downloads an MCR install image from the SpeechMark web site, and attempts to install it. Following MCR installation, the SpeechMark installation process guides the user to exit the install process, and begin the installation of this SpeechMark product a second time. Once the MCR has been successfully installed, the SpeechMark installation process should run to completion.


    1. Both the SpeechMark and MCR installation processes MUST be run with administrative privileges. If the user’s account does not normally have administrative privileges, it must temporarily be given administrative privileges to install the SpeechMark Plug-In.


      Because of the way WaveSurfer is configured, the SpeechMark WaveSurfer Plug-In *MUST be installed by the user who will be using the Plug-In*. Therefore, that user *MUST* have, or be given, administrative privileges during the SpeechMark WaveSurfer Plug-In process (if only temporarily). It is *not* necessary for this user to have administrative privileges in order to run the Plug-In once it is installed.


      This requirement CAN NOT BE SATISFIED by running the installer “as an adminstrator” or by running the installer an another user–that will only install the Plug-in for the administrator’s use, or the use of the other user. Rather, the user who will want to use the Plug-in *must* be given administrative privileges long enough to run the install program.


      If it is impossible for the prospective user to acquire administrative privleges even temporarily in order to install this software, please contact SpeechMark customer support for more information.


Bug Fixes:

  1. Plotting the Band Energies pane took an excessive amount of time (often several minutes)..
    Resolution: Band Energies pane now plots quickly (a few seconds or less).
  2. Problem: Landmarks are not detected in multi-channel (e.g. stereo) audio files, but rather than generating an error message, the SpeechMark Plug-In appears to be opperating normally, but detects no landmarks.
    Resolution: An error message is displayed when an attempt is made to open a landmark pane for a multi-channel audio file.
  3. Problem: Many errors that occurred in the MATLAB and MATLAB conversion layer of the Plug-In were discarded without a trace.
    Resolution: MATLAB and MATLAB conversion layer errors are not displayed in the WaveSurfer console window.
  4. Problem: Landmark detection silently failed for “long” audio files (longer than ~5 minutes @ 16kHz sampling rate).
    Resolution: An error message is displayed when an attempt is made to open a landmark pane for a audio file larger than 10 MBytes.


  1. Users can now customize the visual appearance of landmarks, including landmark label font size and color, and the direction, color, length, width, and line type of the landmark “flagpoles”.
  2. Landmark “flags” are now automatically adjusted when the height of a landmark pane changes.
  3. Frequency band information is now displayed in the Band Energy pane.

Known Bugs:

  1. During installation, if the MCR has just been downloaded and installed, system path to MCR may not be updated, and installer will abort (cleanly).
    WORKAROUND: Rerun installer.
  2. Conflicts occur when 64-bit Matlab 2010b and the Matlab Compiler are installed before the 32-bit MCR 7.14.
  3. If WaveSurfer configuration files are created or updated while a Band Energy pane is open, when that configuration is loaded, and EMPTY Band Energy pane will be displayed.

    1. Delete any open Band Energy panes before creating a new WaveSurfer configuration file or updating an existing one
    2. Delete any empty Band Energy pane that is created when a configuration file is loaded.

Known Limitations:

  1. WaveSurfer version 1.8.5 is no longer supported. Since this version has never been publicly available from SourceForge, this should not be a problem for most users. The only version of WaveSurfer currently support is version 1.8.8
  2. As of the end of March, 2014, Windows XP will no longer be officially supported. However, it is quite possible that this product will continue to work on Windows XP for some time.
  3. Windows 10 (for now, the “Technical Preview” edition) is not officially supported, but preliminary testing indicates that WaveSurfer and the SpeechMark Plug-In works properly under this new version of Windows.


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