The SpeechMark WaveSurfer Plug-In, Windows Edition

SpeechMark WaveSurfer Plugin, Windows Edition

Version: 1.0.39
Internal Release Date : 2019/10/23

Bug Fixes:
1) syllable clustering was sometimes defective when a cluster boundary was close to +-p or +-j landmarks.

1) syllable clustering now uses full rules for +-v (voiced-frication) landmarks equivalent to the existing rules for +-s.
2) Resolved an issue when voicing continued past the end of the data
3) Resolved an issue where either voicing was very faint or only one landmark was found caused the results to be invalid

Known Bugs:
1) During installation, if the MCR has just been downloaded and installed, system
path to MCR may not be updated, and installer will abort (cleanly).
WORKAROUND: Rerun installer.
2) Conflicts occur when 64-bit Matlab 2012a and the Matlab Compiler are installed
before the 32-bit MCR 7.14.
3) Configuration files should not be saved while Band Energy panes are open.
Configurations saved with Band Energy panes open will produce blank panes upon
4) F0-jump landmarks do not display, even if present in an existing landmarks (.lm)

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