SpeechMark Working Papers

Spectrogram SNR and Spectrogram Displays

We are often presented with a waveform or spectrogram for which it is helpful to suppress details in noise-dominated sections of time (in the waveform) or of time-frequency(“T-F”, in the spectrogram).

In keeping with the knowledge-based focus of SpeechMark, we are particularly interested in solutions based on broad principles rather than ones that must be determined in a subtle, complicated, or ad hoc fashion, whether by the user or by SpeechMark.

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Towards Development of an Automatic Analysis for Assessment of Dysphonic Speech

Voiced interval was greater in dysphonic speech – more frequent instance of unexpected vocal fold onset and offset occurred in unexpected moments. Other parameters for syllabic cluster measure were not significant predictors for dysphonic speech.

The analysis may have been affected by the wide variability seen in dysphonic group (especially VF paralysis group).

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