The SpeechMark WaveSurfer Plug-In, Mac Edition

SpeechMark Product: The SpeechMark WaveSurfer Plug-In, Mac Edition
Product Version: 0.1.23
Public Release Date : January 14, 2013

Installation Notes — PLEASE READ

    1. During operation, this SpeechMark product calls the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) product, a software module developed and released by The Mathworks. The installation process for this SpeechMark product searches the user’s file system. If it does NOT find an invocable copy of the MCR, it automatically downloads an MCR install image from the SpeechMark web site, and attempts to install it. Following MCR installation, the SpeechMark installation process guides the user to exit the install process, and begin the installation of this SpeechMark product a second time. Once the MCR has been successfully installed, the SpeechMark installation process should run to completion.


    1. We are currently requiring that Mac end users install the MCR in the default location, i.e. /Applications/Matlab/Matlab_Compiler_Runtime/v84/. Since Macs don’t have an analog of the Windows Path that is both readily accessible and reliable for installed software, we’re using this workaround until we come up with a more sophisticated solution. A better solution might be as simple as prompting the user for the MCR folder as part of the SpeechMark installation process.


Bug Fixes:

    1. We eliminated the excessive plotting time previously required for “Band Energies” plot.



    1. We now display MATLAB and MATLAB conversion layer errors in the command window.
    2. We now provide helpful feedback when an attempt is made to find acoustic landmarks in multi-channel signals. (The SpeechMark WaveSurfer Plugin only handles single channel data.)
    3. We now provide helpful feedback when an attempt is made to find acoustic landmarks in a signal larger that 10MB (~5 minutes at 16 bit, 16kHz sampling rate). (This is the upper limit on the size of signal files that The SpeechMark WaveSurfer Plugin can handle.)
    4. The User can customize the display of landmark “flags” via the “Landmark Configuration” popup window.
    5. Custom landmark “flag” display settings can be saved and applied via configuration files, e.g. “Save Configuration” and “Apply Configuration”.
    6. Frequency band information is now displayed as labels on the Band Energy plots.
    7. Landmark “flags” automatically resize when the landmark pane is resized.


Known Bugs:

  1. During installation, if the MCR has just been downloaded and installed, system path to MCR may not be updated, and installer will abort (cleanly). WORKAROUND: Rerun installer.
  2. Configuration files should not be saved while Band Energy panes are open. Configurations saved with Band Energy panes open will produce blank panes upon application.


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