SpeechMark Publications and Presentations

Automated Tools for Identifying Syllabic Landmark Clusters that Reflect Changes in Articulation (2011)

Suzanne Boyce, Harriet Fell, Lorin Wilde, Joel MacAuslan

We have developed a set of software tools to detect articulatory changes in the production of syllabic units based on acoustic landmark detection and classification. Results from the application of this automatic analysis system to studies of Parkinson’s Disease and Sleep Deprivation show the ability to detect subtle change. We are making these tools available as add-ons to systems such as Wavesurfer and R.

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A Platform for Automated Acoustic Analysis for Assistive Technology (2010)

Suzanne Boyce, Harriet Fell, Joel MacAuslan, Lorin Wilde
The use of speech production data has been limited by a steep learning curve and the need for laborious hand measurement. We are building a tool set that provides summary statistics for measures designed by clinicians to screen, diagnose or provide training to assistive technology users. This will be achieved by extending an existing shareware software platform with “plug-ins” that perform specific measures and report results to the user. The common underlying basis for this tool set is a Stevens’ paradigm of landmarks, points in an utterance around which information about articulatory events can be extracted.

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