The SpeechMark MATLAB Toolbox, Cross-Platform Edition

SpeechMark Product Release Notes

SpeechMark Product: The SpeechMark MATLAB Toolbox, Cross-Platform Edition
Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, Windows 7, OS X Version 10.7 (“Lion”), OS X Version 10.8 (“Mountain Lion”), OS X Version 10.8 (“Big Sur”)
Product Version: 1.3
Public Release Date : 2021-4-22

Installation Notes–PLEASE READ

1) This product is a standard MATLAB toolbox. To use it, a valid instance of MATLAB (version R2012a or newer) must be installed, as well as a valid version of the MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox. A valid version of the MATLAB Image Processing toolbox, if present, will be used for certain performance enhancements but is not required.
2) This is the first version that does not work with MATLAB versions earlier than 2012a.
3) This version includes all code and documentation for v1.3 of 2021-4-22 as well as a repaired ‘fricative_lms’. Therefore, its version number and date remain that of v1.3.

Resolved Problems:
1) lm_draw
2) fricative_lms
1) Functions that accept character-array arguments now support equivalent string arguments. Any values formerly returned as character arrays are still returned as character arrays.
Other changes:
1) xl_readcell, xl_writecell now have better handling for exceptions and wide sheets.
2) waveform_freq now allows interactive file selection.
3) Reorganized Help of lm_draw, landmarks, vowel_segs_std, vowel_segs_full.

Known Bugs:
1) Version number is not written to .lmmat (MAT-format binary) files by the mat_* functions, and, if present, is ignored.
2) xl_* functions do not support tables.