Landmark-based analysis of speech differentiates conversational from clear speech in speakers with muscle tension dysphonia (2023)

Keiko Ishikaw, Mary Pietrowicz, Sara Charney, Diana Orbelo
This study evaluated the feasibility of differentiating conversational and clear speech produced by individuals with muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) using landmark-based analysis of speech (LMBAS). Thirty-four adult speakers with MTD recorded conversational and clear speech, with 27 of them able to produce clear speech. The recordings of these individuals were analyzed with the open-source LMBAS program, SpeechMark®, MATLAB Toolbox version 1.1.2. The results indicated that glottal landmarks, burst onset landmarks, and the duration between glottal landmarks differentiated conversational speech from clear speech. LMBAS shows potential as an approach for detecting the difference between conversational and clear speech in dysphonic individuals.

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The article appeared in JASA Express Letters 3, 055203 (2023) and may be found at the following link:

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